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Updated Wednesday March 1, 2017 by NBYFL.

Nulelìntàm èli paàn - Lenape Indian for "Welcome!"

Welcome to NBYFL's Registration Page and Member Portal. Membership is free and families can add all of their members to one account for easy access, organization and session registration.  You must create an Member Account to Register for programs.

New Members, choose the 'Log In' or 'Create an Account' option at the Top Right of your browser scree. Then follow the steps to complete your profile. Once you've created your profile, you can add a spouse or another adult to the account as well as your child(ren).

Once you've added all your members to your account, you or they can register for sessions. Be sure to add all those who you wish to receive Team Communitcations to your account.

Registering youth (cheer or football) for a session:  In your account select Register for a Session, then select a child that already has a profile in your account, or choose add a child and create a profile for the child you wish to register. Next, select a session to register for and follow the steps to provide the requisite information. Then proceed to checkout. Complete the checkout information requested. Next, select either the Payment Plan (pay installments online via credit card) or the Pay-in-Full option and continue to checkout. If you choose to Pay-in-Full, on the next checkout screen you can then select to pay online or to MAIL your payment. If you choose to MAIL your payment, you can send your payment in or log back into your account at a later date (before July 10) and pay your balance online via credit card.

Note, you can only lock-in early bird discounts with full or partial payment by April 15.

If you have been approved for Hardship Funds, and have questions about your account, please contact our President, Bill Young, at president@nbyfl.com 

Adults who have been approved to volunteer as a Coach, Asst Coach, Team Parent, Team Photographer, Team Videographer, Team Statistician, Team First-Aid Responder: In your account select yourself then choose the session for which you are volunteering. Then choose your role as volunteer and the position and level for which you will be volunteering. Next follow the steps to provide the requisite information.

Head Coaches and Coaches are required to complete the KidsSafe+ background check section (bi-annually). Others, unless you are directly involved in working with children in the program, need not complete the background check. Next, proceed to checkout. The checkout cart total for volunteers will be $0. Complete the checkout process, select pay in full, submit, and your registration to volunteer is done. You will receive and notice when you have been assigned to a roster. All team assignments require Heach Coach and Board approval.

IMPORTANT: Account settings and registration history will carry forward from season to season and for future sessions. So, if any of your information changes, please be sure to update your account accordingly.

This season is already shaping up to be an exciting one with lots of new and improved tools, information and resources available for all our parents, players, participants, fans and volunteers. We recommend all Members visit the app store on their mobile device and download the TeamWall app by Sports Management. You can log into the app using your Member Portal credentials (ID and Password). The app will provide you with your roster info and real time schedules, directions, Coach and Team Parent communications, chat features, photo sharing, and more.

Please don't hesitate to contact me any time with questions, feedback, and/or suggestions. I would be glad to hear from you.


--Bill Young, NBYFL President

Newton Braves Youth Football League


office: 973.862.5052 x700

email: president@nbyfl.com