Updated Monday July 13, 2015 by Shelley Zambardi Hineline.

NBYFL only collects personal information when a participant registers in our programs and/or makes purchases in our online store. Our members privacy and confidentiality are important to us. NBYFL does not sell, trade, rent or share our members information with others outside the scope of our services or with third parties. Personal information if collected is used solely for the purpose of billing, shipping and membership services. From time to time, NBYFL may engage a third party to process your information on our behalf. However, none of our affiliates, such as our banking institution or our credit card services company, have permission to retain, share, store or use personal information gleaned from NBYFL for any purpose other than providing NBYFL’s requested service.


Team Walls are private and accessibe by members only who are assigned to a Team Wall's specific roster. TeamWall rosters, chats, posts, and photo uploads are viewable by Members of that roster only. Members may select what general profile/roster information they wish to share with their fellow team members.


Images uploaded to Member Accounts for registration are for roster use and for printing participant member cards.


Team Web Pages are accessbile by public and can be logged into by Members to view TeamWall items on the Page.  


Be sure to check settings when uploading and/or posting anything to TeamWalls and WebPages.